Seriously hot B-movie schlock'n'roll on a flying saucer tip

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Various Artists – The Ultimate 50s Rockin’Sci-Fi Disc

As niche markets go, obscure US sci-fi psychobilly takes some licking. Subtitled “A Unique Collection of Original Sci-Fi-influenced High Octane Rock’n’Roll Hillbilly Boogie From 1950s America”, this is a nostalgic, hilarious hoot. Inseparable atomic-age obsessions of Commie paranoia and alien invasion are filtered through tales of Ruskie espionage (country hoedown “Sputniks & Mutnicks”), swingin’ hep-cats from space (“The Boppin’ Martian”), nuclear innuendo (“Rocket In My Pocket”) and little green men cutting a rug at the high school hop (“Flying Saucers Rock’n’Roll”). If Quentin Tarantino ever nails that elusive road movie on Mars, this is your soundtrack.