Twenty-four songs which inspired the stoned psychedelic meanderings of Spacemen 3

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Various Artists – Space Lines: Sonic Sounds For Subterraneans

This Sonic Boom-compiled compilation lies somewhere between the All Back To Mine series and Brodie’s Notes. It’s part join-the-dots (there’s Red Crayola’s original, stripped-down “Transparent Radiation”, covered by Spacemen 3 on a 1987 EP), part eye-opener (Rolf Harris’ “Sun Arise” isn’t as strange a choice as it might at first appear) and part introduction to the more esoteric reaches of Sonic’s record collection (Honolulu Mountain Daffodils anyone?). All told, it makes perfect sense, as the connections between Bo Diddley, Sun Ra and The Wailers, and how they fit into the Spacemen mindset, are made more explicit. And, simply as a collection of songs, shorn of the Spacemen framework, they’re excellent in their own right. Get your prescription fixed.