Roll over Jack Nitzsche and tell Bill Medley the news. Two dozen quality excursions into Echo Chamber Music

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Various Artists – Phil’s Spectre: A Wall Of Soundalikes

Although the tycoon of teen was the acknowledged master of leakage and compression, several of those who worked alongside him in the studio were just as adept at mixing up a maelstrom. This highly imaginative compilation showcases the production work of less acclaimed Spector associates like Sonny Bono, Jack Nitzsche and Bill Medley, ranging from the familiar (The Righteous Brothers, The Walker Brothers) to the forgotten (Lorraine & The Delights, Kane And Abel). Highlights include The Wall Of Sound’s northern soul anthem “Hang On”, Clyde King’s heart-melting “Missin’ My Baby”, and PJ Proby’s definitive interpretation of Goffin-King’s “I Can’t Make It Alone”. Bring on volume two.