Saucy punk-metal benchmarks from '96 and '98

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A bunch of carefully unappealing Norwegians styled as gay bikers, Turbonegro achieved a certain notoriety in the mid-’90s thanks more to song titles like “Rendezvous With Anus” and “I Got Erection” than their fairly grim musical hybrids of Judas Priest and The Ramones.

In the wake of numbskull contemporaries The Hellacopters finding international success and guyish tributes from Queens Of The Stone Age and The Hives, the inevitable reformation and reissue programme is well underway.

Forced to choose, Apocalypse Dudes is infinitesimally more varied and accomplished than Ass Cobra. But after a while, it’s hard to decide what’s more boring: the hairy-palmed musical slogging, or the risible attempts at outrage.