Post-rockers do '80s stadium rock

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The Speaking Canaries – Get Out Alive: The Last Type Story

Don’t be fooled by the mimsy name. The Speaking Canaries are a muscular Pittsburgh rock band built around vocalist/guitarist Damon Che, best known for his work with Don Caballero. Che’s reputation is built on complex math-rock?ostensibly hardcore mutilated by constant time changes. Here, though, his tendency to elaborate is sublimated by a greater desire to rock, resulting in some mighty FM anthems. The Fucking Champs and Trans Am have been attempting a similarly amped-up evolution of math-rock for years. But unlike those two bands, The Speaking Canaries never sound gimmicky or overly pleased with their subversiveness. A surprisingly straightforward, big-hearted record that only betrays one snarky indie in-joke?a track called “Song On A Record You Can’t Get”.