Treasures unearthed from '80s Beeb archives

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The Sound – The BBC Recordings

“I can’t believe how good we sound,” writes drummer Mike Dudley in the sleevenotes, and indeed for fans of this colossal, neglected group, here’s a find on a par with nectar on Mars. From various sessions and In Concert performances emerge four glorious bursts of adrenalin-dripping art-rock, too fast and furious but all the more exhilarating for that. On earlier songs like “Heartland” and “Winning”, the late, great Adrian Borland was a match for any singer or guitarist on the planet at that moment. By ’85, frustration’s creeping in, but on “Under You” and a scorching “Missiles” he makes it work for him. U2? Joy Division? Bunnymen? They pale in this band’s shadow.