Two CDs of psychedelic esoterica from the court of Julian Cope

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The Sons Of TC Lethbridge – A Giant: The Definitive TC Lethbridge

Radical archaeologist, dowser, occultist and idol of Julian Cope’s, TC Lethbridge (1901-1971) and his enquiring mind provide the inspiration for this sprawling project fronted by one Welbourn Tekh (ex-Sinking Ships). Cope produces and sings occasionally, but Disc One is dominated by prog-punk/Krautrock jams steered by his associates Doggen Foster and Kevin Bales (the best of which, “Pertaining To The Stars”, betrays their other jobs as guitarist and drummer in Spiritualized). It’s a lively, sporadically levitating business, though Tekh’s declamatory vocals can be hard work. Disc Two, meanwhile, features venerable author Colin Wilson’s meditations on Lethbridge, set to distant ambient wobble. Fascinating, but it’s hard to imagine making many return visits to this lovingly assembled shrine.