Influential '70s jailbait rockers reassessed

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The Runaways

Quick to spot the potential of an all-girl metal combo, Hollywood hustler Kim Fowley nurtured The Runaways (average age 16). Taking their cues from Aerosmith and The Sweet, the five-piece injected glitter-glam with punk loco, typified by “Cherry Bomb” and “American Nights” from their ’76 debut. By 77’s Queens Of Noise, their loud’n’leery approach?led by Joan Jett and Cherie Currie?peaked into bratty brilliance, but was still largely dismissed Stateside. Faring better elsewhere, Live In Japan proved they could cut it in the flesh, but by that same year’s Waitin’ For The Night, both Currie and bassist Jackie Fox had quit. Ignored for years, they’re recognised now as pivotal by rock chicks from Hole and L7 to The Donnas and Bikini Kill.