Before the epidemic, primitive '80s garage dementia from UK's suburbs

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The Prisoners – A Taste Of Pink!

At a time when every emergent garage-rock wannabe cites the Medway scene as pivotal, The Prisoners are finally taking their turn on the podium. Originally issued in 1982 and understandably rough at the edges, A Taste Of Pink! is bone-juddering fare. The central pairing of guitarist/blue-eyed soul screamer Graham Day and valve-compressed organist James Taylor drag ’60s R&B and US basement squall into the post-punk era. Though subsequent offerings Wisermiserdemelza (1983) and In From The Cold (1986) harnessed their powers to more riveting effect, the inclusion here of nine previously unissued tracks (including outtake “Baby Come Alive” and 1981’s three-piece demos) make this essential for diehards.