Eccentric Scottish art-punk trio unleash fifth album

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The Nectarine No 9 – I Love Total Destruction

Edinburgh punk Davey Henderson was the driving force behind The Fire Engines, formed after he saw Vic Godard & The Subway Sect in 1977. He carries a torch for them still as vocalist/guitarist of The Nectarine No 9, wryly confessing as much on “The End of Definition” from their fifth LP. It’s another free-spirited trip down the crazy-paved roads of art-punk and funky agit-pop, with vocal yelps, nervy guitars and wheezing vintage synths to the fore and former Pop Group and Josef K members along for the ride. I Love Total Destruction might be a skronky bridge too far for fans of The Rapture’s revised punk-funk, but its oddball charms are manifold.