The first two albums from Sheffield's poppiest electro pioneers, now remastered

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The Human League


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Of all the post-punk industrial groups, The Human League were always the closest to pop. Their 1979 debut, Reproduction, remains musically futuristic but lyrically dwells on the past (“Almost Medieval”) and inadequacy (“Empire State Human”). Bonus tracks include the original “Being Boiled” single and the Dignity Of Labour EP.

Travelogue, released in 1980 and recorded before the departure of Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware to form Heaven 17/B.E.F., contains still highly pertinent commentaries on the increasing commodification of pop in “The Black Hit Of Space” and “WXJL Tonight”. Extras here include the “Holiday ’80” EP and the League’s brilliant foray into avant-disco, “I Don’t Depend On You.”