Smart pop from eight-strong collective of Swedish waifs and strays

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The Concretes

The Concretes’ sophomore effort blends fizzy girl-pop with Mazzy Star’s stoned drawl, topped off with a swooning horn section and all liberally sprinkled with magic dust. “Say Something New” sets the template:slightly woozy melodies held together with gaffer tape, Victoria Bergsman’s voice sounding like she’s just woken up. “New Friend” has its chorus filched from U2’s “One” but is no worse for that, with Ulrik Karlsson’s closing trumpet solo a perfect counterpoint to Lisa Milberg’s minimalist drumming. “Seems Fine”?the most uptempo number on the record?sounds like Dexys recording for the Sarah label. “Diana Ross” is an adorable tribute to the Motown queen complete with “Love Hangover” references, while “Lovin’ Kind” is possessed of a tipsy, off-kilter beauty. The best thing to come out of Sweden for a while?apart from porn.