More heaving dollops of maximum rock'n'soul from Riverside, California

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The Bellrays – The Red, White & Black

With debut UK release Meet The BellRays?a distillation of their two major American albums, Grand Fury and Let It Blast?the West Coast’s rockingest laid down a fierce template of metal, punk and soul, spearheaded by the remarkable blues shout of Lisa Kekaula. With Kekaula’s other ‘alf Bob Vennum providing throbbing bass pulse, lead guitarist Tony Fate cuts both tight and loose on this punishing follow-up, channelling the spirits of Page (for “Some Confusion City” read “Black Dog”), Wayne Kramer and Funkadelic’s Eddie Hazel. With Kekaula herself blistering like a distaff Robert Plant, the song (thankfully) remains the same.