Agonisingly slow metal rituals

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Sunn O))) – White2

Another broadly apocalyptic day at the office for Sunn O))), two Americans?Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson?with a taste for slothful riffs, feedback, organ-shuffling sub-bass and avantdoom pioneers Earth. As with last year’s superior White 1, ambient metal predominates?deeply silly and yet meditatively beautiful. Monumental hardly does it justice, since the three huge tracks move so slowly one could imagine civilisations rising from the swamps and crumbling to dust in their timespans. Sunn O))) clearly welcome such elemental associations: they play live in druids’ robes; White 1 included a sermon from Julian Cope; and “Decay2” here features satanic breathing exercises from Attila Csihar, a collaborator of murdered Norwegian black metaller Euronymous. It’s hard to take Sunn O))) as seriously, however, given Anderson’s moonlighting with that unlikely lord of misrule, Dave Grohl.