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Squarepusher – Ultravisitor

Thom Yorke and OutKast recently rhapsodised about 28-year-old Tom Jenkinson’s capricious musical genius. Compared to the ideas-overloaded Ultravisitor, Squarepusher’s ninth album, their current efforts sound as simple as the Cheeky Girls. Jenkinson has here let his imagination roam free, fashioning an 80-minute symphonic odyssey that’s as wilfully indulgent as it is breathtakingly advanced. Yet Jenkinson has taken great care to sculpt the kaleidoscopic range of sounds on display?everything from frenzied live bass assaults and crowd applause to daring drum programming, celestial passages and fragrant melodies?so that this heaving banquet is digestible in one sitting. A mighty statement of intent, Ultravisitor has to be heard to be believed. It is not for the faint-hearted?but when were they ever any fun?