Lost '60s soulstress' greatest misses

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Sharon Tandy – You’ve Gotta Believe It’s…

A South African Jew, Tandy emigrated to the UK in 1964 where she tried, but failed, to establish herself as a pop princess. Despite the promise of early singles like the exquisitely lovelorn “Perhaps Not Forever”, Tandy ditched pop to become a soul-singing wannabe Modmother. She signed to Atlantic, recorded at Stax in Memphis (before Dusty) and even vied for a PP Arnold/Small Faces arrangement by teaming up with second division freak-beaters Les Fleur De Lys for 67’s rambunctious “Hold On”. But her voice lacked the alabaster-cracking trill of truly great white female soul sirens like Timi Yuro. As a plea for her reassessment, there’s sadly nothing here to elevate Tandy above the level of a footnote.