Eclectic Prefuse 73 man turns his hand to Latin ballads

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Savath & Savalas – Apropat

Just as Scott Herren starts getting the acclaim he deserves in his guise as leftfield hip hop producer Prefuse 73, the Atlanta native and Barcelona resident shifts identities. Savath & Savalas were last spotted in 2000 as pensive, decent post-rockers. Now, though, Herren has a new partner?Catalonian singer/songwriter Eva Puyuelo Muns?and a gorgeous new sound. So hazy Latin songs emerge out of discreet electronic flutter, acoustic guitars trace shapes around Muns’ and Herren’s androgynous harmonies, odd bits of Tortoise go about their business in the background. And the whole thing emerges as an enchanting update of the dreamier end of ’70s Brazilian pop?as good a record, in fact, as anything this gifted polymath has ever released.