First release on boutique imprint from synth-pop veteran behind "Pop Muzik"

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Robin Scott – Life Class

When Robin Scott reached Number 2 in April 1979 as M with “Pop Muzik”, that out-of-nowhere novelty flash glimpse of the synth-pop barrage to come in the early ’80s, he actually had a 10-year recording career behind him. On Life Class, which comes in a horrid computer-generated fold-out sleeve produced by fine artist Scott himself, you get a whole CD of M’s proto-robopop (“Moonlight And Muzak”, “Official Secrets”, “Moderne Man”). On the second CD are a further 20 tracks from his odd pre-chartlife, when this pop Zelig peddled everything from Dylanesque rambles (“The Sailor”) to skits (“Shithouse Johnny”) to glam (“Mister Pop Star”) and even reggae (“Cowboys And Indians”), marking him out as a superior Jonathan King or inferior 10cc-style pasticheur.