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Robert Plant / Alison Krauss – Raising Sand

The pairing of the wily old tomcat and the classy country thrush turns out as magically in reality as it seemed unlikely on paper. Working with producer [b]T Bone Burnett[/b], whose impeccable taste in material (from [b]Mel Tillis[/b] to [b]Tom Waits[/b]) and players (from spry folkie [b]Mike Seeger[/b] to axeman supremo [b]Marc Ribot[/b]), guides these two inhabitants of different worlds toward a fertile common ground.

The spacious, burnished settings – which rock, despite the subtlety of the performances – allow Plant to overwhelm without raising his voice above a near-whisper on an epic staging of [b]Townes Van Zandt[/b]’s “Nothin’”. The partners’ close harmonies are especially ravishing – intimate as [b]Gram & Emmylou[/b] on [b]Gene Clark[/b]’s “Through The Morning, Through The Night”.
This crew definitely needs to stick together.