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Pixies – Wave Of Mutilation: Best Of Pixies

You’d be forgiven for suspecting that, after 15 years of myriad half-arsed college-rock bands (and, well, Nirvana) ripping them off, the charm of the Pixies might have been worn out. Happily, this new compilation proves otherwise. The likes of “Vamos” and “Nimrod’s Son” aren’t as depraved as they once seemed, but the music still sounds spectacularly idiosyncratic, much richer than the quiet/loud/quiet/deranged screaming formula of legend. These are classic pop songs, though ones informed by hardcore, barrios punk, surf, art-rock and sci-fi. There aren’t any lost treasures here, but at least Wave Of Mutilation improves on skimpy 1997 comp Death To The Pixies, and may help remind the reformed band what a daunting past they have to live up to.