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Pink Grease – This Is For Real

Proof that there’s more than one way to skin the electro-punk cat comes in the form of Sheffield newcomers Pink Grease. Their debut album puts welcome top-spin on a genre fixated on Suicide by reviving Devo, adding the glamour and flamboyance of The New York Dolls, Ziggy-era Bowie and Roxy Music, then whipping the lot along with the Glitter Band’s ludicrous stomp. “Fever” is an over-sexed strut through the psychobilly swamplands, but “Serial Heartbreaker” suggests Bryan Ferry joining The Rezillos and “The Nasty Show” is a jabbering, triumphantly rude-worded remake of “Looking Through Gary Gilmour’s Eyes”. Who cares whether or not Pink Grease are ‘for real’ if they throw a party this blindingly good?