The songs The Beatles gave away rediscovered

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Pierson, Parker, Janowitz – From A Window: Lost Songs Of Lennon & McCartney

It’s a brilliant conceit. You take 17 Lennon-McCartney songs they never recorded and create an instant ‘lost’ Beatles album. Listening to these versions by Graham Parker, Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom) and Kate Pierson (B-52’s), it’s clear that John and Paul’s give-aways deserved a lot better than the often trite arrangements they were given at the time. Highlights include Janovitz’s “World Without Love” (Peter & Gordon) and Pierson’s “I’m In Love” (The Fourmost). But the revelation is “Tip Of My Tongue”. Few will recall Tommy Quickly’s original cover version, but it emerges here courtesy of Parker as a neglected early Lennon/McCartney classic.