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Papa M – Hole Of Burning Alms

Strangely for such a revered guitarist, David Pajo’s style remains hard to pinpoint. Unlike most guitar heroes, his virtuosity is often masked by understatement, which is the keynote of this singles and rarities compilation. Pajo’s innovations, as he shifts nomenclature from M to Aerial M to Papa M, have been dulled a little by his imitators, most obviously Mogwai. No one, though, can negotiate an entente between hardcore punctuation and pastoral ripple quite so well, or organise slow, dry, methodical chord progressions with such discretion. Better yet, occasional subversive detours?”Travels In Constants” is, partially, cod-techno?nestle alongside signature pieces like Pajo’s harmonic extrapolation of “Turn Turn Turn”?conceivably post-rock’s loveliest 16 minutes.