Thirty-track two-CD collection from the Oz man's post-Sabbath oeuvre

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Ozzy Osbourne – The Essential Ozzy Osbourne

Having made the front pages by defiling America’s most sacred monument, crunching the skulls of winged creatures and, latterly, howling for his pooper-scooper, Ozzy is these days better known for his lack of discretion than his music. So this should help reaffirm him as one of metal’s finer songsmiths. From the jaunty opener “Crazy Train” (“All aboooard!”), through the “Carmina Burana”-marked “Diary Of A Madman” to the more MTV-friendly pop-rock of the ’90s, it’s all here, representing 70 million CDs sold. Let’s, as the man might say, fookin’ rock’n’roll.