Career retrospective including work with The Deviants and solo outings

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Mick Farren – People Call You Crazy: The Story Of Mick Farren

While many British rock bands were turning to love, peace and harmony in ’67, Farren’s Deviants were heading into bleaker proto-punk territory with MC5-style garage psychedelia. This package features tracks from the band’s defiant debut Ptooff! (one of the first independently made and distributed British rock albums, selling 10,000 copies before Decca picked it up), ’68’s methadone-fuelled Disposable, and their ’69 swan song, No 3. When the band split later that year (the remnants mutating into The Pink Fairies), Farren went on to be a solo artist, the editor of anti-establishment publication IT, and producer of the comic Nasty Tales.