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Medicine – The Mechanical Forces Of Love

In the mid-’90s, Medicine’s ravishing dream-pop filled the void vacated by MBV. Alan McGee even licensed them to Creation. Now on maverick dance label Wall Of Sound, Medicine are radically different if no less remarkable. Lynchpin Brad Laner has teamed up with Shannon Lee, breathy vocalist and daughter of Bruce Lee. They’ve devised a weird but workable collision of Beach Boys/West Coast harmonies with beats’n’glitches electronica and mangled sci-fi noise. The love and sex theme is earthy, but everything else sounds beamed in from another galaxy. “Wet On Wet”, “Astral Gravy” and “Negative Capability”?studio physics times plastic harmonics?are stunning futurist pop. Even the hollow feeling in parts accentuates the surface thrills. Sexy and strange.