Neat narcotic nihilism from Norway

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Madrugada – Grit

Powerful, pulsating angst-rock which evokes both Stooges lggy and Bowie lggy, but also shudders with shadows of Leonard Cohen, Tindersticks and good goth. This Norwegian band’s third (but first UK) album, recorded in Berlin with producer Head, is yet its own master, its own slave to doomed love. Sivert Hoyem can croon romantically (the single, “Majesty”, is velveteen) or snarl bitterly, and the band surge like cheetahs (the aggressive “Lucy One”) or slide like a bassline-bejewelled submarine (as on the addictive “Hands Up?I Love You”). Madrugada is the Spanish for “the hour before dawn”?which is around the time when, if you’re on the appropriate roll of psychic starvation and physical excess, they sound like one thrilling, compelling rock band. Munch on this.