Solo debut from drippy Californian renegade and erstwhile DJ Shadow associate

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Lyrics Born – Later That Day

Lyrics Born is one of the founding members of the Californian hip hop brotherhood who trade collectively under the Quannum logo and who spent the late 1990s trying to make hip hop a little more wholesome. They weren’t entirely successful, even if they did release a couple of decent singles. Later That Day is Lyrics Born’s first solo attempt at righting the world of rap, but it simply underlines that in hip hop the devil really has all the best tunes. Where the best hip hop is fresh and inventive, this is a painfully self-conscious and retro set. There are so many stylistic nods to the early days of hip hop that it’s like a rap version of Ocean Colour Scene, and it seems Lyrics Born has nothing to say beyond drippy hippie platitudes. As relevant to modern urban living as tweed.