Second album of spacious microhouse from Italy's Vladislav Delay

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Luomo – The Present Lover

There’s so much space to breathe in this immaculate record, which concerns itself with how the difficulties of communication obstruct one’s ability to love. From the dislocated meditation on a spent relationship that is “Visitor”?Biosphere does Stockhausen’s “Stimmung”?through to the brilliant use of the “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” beat in the splendid isolation of the title track, Luomo’s instinctive architecture is breathtaking. The point in “Tessio” in which, at 5:51, choirs of electronica suddenly emerge into view, is comparable with stout Cortez’s first sight of the Pacific Ocean. And if the Donna Summer-esque vulnerability of the closing “Shelter” doesn’t move your soul to tears, you deserve your Dido records. Music for this most uncertain of winters.