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After 2005 masterpiece [b]Feels[/b] and the universal acclaim that greeted Panda Bear’s beatific [b]Person Pitch[/b] earlier this year, fans have been primed for the [b]Collective[/b]’s return with their most ostensibly pop record yet.

[b]Strawberry Jam[/b], indeed, opens fruitily enough with “[b]Peacebone[/b]”, a tune which could almost be the theme to some psychedelic kids’ cartoon conceived by Terry Riley and Tex Avery.

But though much of the record revels in freaky electronics – “[b]Chores[/b]” and “Winter Wonder Land” rush through as though played by pixellated marching bands – there’s an overwhelming sadness to the undertow. “Why must we move on from such happy lawns,” they croon beautifully on “Unsolved Mysteries”, “into nostalgia’s palm and feed on the traces?” It makes them sound like [b]The Beach Boys[/b], beset by a sudden, and very poignant, revelation.

Review by Stephen Trousse.

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The album is out on Domino records now.

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* Peacebone

* Chores

* For Reverend Green

* Cuckoo Cuckoo