Aussie's 'difficult' period with help from Manics, McAloon and Neil Tennant; plus extra remix/rarities CDs

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Kylie Minogue


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Kylie’s career has mostly depended on tabloid smoke and mirrors; her faux gay-icon survival sustained by editors’ insistence on the illusory perfection of her arse as much as by rare good singles like “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”. That said, ’94’s Kylie Minogue, her debut for dance label Deconstruction, had moments of substance, like Arab-orchestral smash “Confide In Me”. Classical overtures, St Etienne sessions and Prefab Sprout’s “If You Don’t Love Me” on the extra CD sketch the pop folly that nearly was. Impossible Princess from ’96 (renamed Kylie Minogue after Diana’s death), including Minogue’s first lyrics and two Manic Street Preachers collaborations, is more experimental, with less tunes.