Sophomore release from Manc Moogster reveals new-found maturity

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King Of Woolworths – L’Illustration Musicale

Two years on from debut Ming Star, Jon Brooks (aka KOW) has ditched the Gallic soundtracks, Hammer Horror snippets and childhood TV obsessions to explore his love of French library music and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Having remixed Ladytron and St Etienne in the interim?alongside the appropriation of “Bakerloo” for the Orange mobile ads?the strokes are now broader, less frantic, more soulful. There’s still an air of mischief?check out ode to pet moggy, “123 (Brillo’s Beat)”?but Dot Allison’s guest vocals on Hammond-cool “Sell Me Back My Soul”, the lovely Emma (Delgados) Pollock-fronted “Nuada” and standout “Evelsong” are the ones to stir up the ad men this time.