Californian often hyped as the US Aphex

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Kid 606 – Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You

Over the past five years, San Francisco’s Miguel “Kid 606” Depedro has provoked, invented and exploited many electro trends, mixing up aggro-techno, drill’n’bass, hip hop bootlegs, plunderphonics, vandalised pop, and anything else that can enhance his reputation as a punky noise entrepreneur. Surprisingly, Kill Sound…is his first proper album for three years. As such, it endeavours to show off his full arsenal of quirks, from brattish, squitting gabba rave-ups (“Ecstasy Motherfucker”) and pummelling dancehall mutations (“Buckle Up”) to the Eno-esque “Parenthood”. It’s undeniably entertaining, but perhaps while Depedro has been busy with his flourishing Tigerbeat 6 label, at least one of his roster?the terrific DJ/rupture?may have superseded him.