Two original Mercury LPs from '60s one-hit wonder. But what a hit

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Keith – Ain’t Gonna Lie

If ever a record was deserving of the sobriquet “sunshine pop” it’s Keith’s 1967 Top 20 single “98.6”. Even though it was a winter hit, its breezy charm and staccato chorus are right up there with the Summer Of Love’s finest. Keith never quite had that recipe again, and some of the less inspired tracks here sound like vain attempts to recreate “98.6”‘s winning formula. He got closest with “Daylight Saving Time”, a minor chart success in the USA and a big favourite among the more pop-oriented factions of the northern soul crowd. The best of the rest?”Mind If I Hang Around”, “I’ll Always Love You”?would give Len Barry a run for his money in the blue-eyed soul stakes.