Hollywood's favourite French actress takes unconvincing stab at musical stardom

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Julie Delpy

Records by singing actresses have a mixed pedigree?see Fifth Element star Milla Jovovich’s two albums?and boutique European label Les Disques du Crepuscule have released more than most. The debut from French starlet Julie Delpy (Before Sunrise, the Three Colours trilogy, Godard’s epochal Detective) looks mainly to America for its inspiration?notably Jeff Buckley and the more reflective side of Neil Young. For the most part this is fragile, late-night fare, although “She Don’t Care” dares to rock out, and “Lame Love” serves up some tidy flute and banjo action. Delpy writes all the material here and is a competent vocalist, but for the most part the songs lack focus, and this, combined with an imperfect grasp of English, means that one track called “Something A Bit Vague” just about sums up the whole exercise.