First 'solo' album appended with Beserkley Chartbusters tracks including "Roadrunner (Once)", and the one with "Egyptian Reggae" on it

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Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

Props to Jonathan. In 1976, while the rest of the rockin’ world was trying to cop a Lou Reed lick, the creator of “Roadrunner” (one of the greatest dumb-ass two-chorders of all time) had already abandoned all that in favour of playing entry-level ditties to retarded kids and old people?among the most radical things any artist’s ever done to upset the gatekeepers of cool. What was with the acoustic rockabilly kids stuff?”Hey There Little Insect”, “Ice Cream Man” and “Wheels On The Bus” sung in an adenoidal gulp? Had he banged his head? His life-long refutation of the rock stance has been lonely but not fruitless. It’d be a sad heart that didn’t respond to something on these records with delight.