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Jimmy And The Teasers – Fabulously Trashy

A North Carolina combo consisting of one regular guy (that’ll be Jimmy) and at least two (it varies) hot alterna-babes in cheerleader outfits (C-Bomb on bass and Super Val drumming), it’s, of course, The Teasers’ gleaming riffs which appeal to the reserved British gentleman. Making The Cramps sound wussy and Boss Hog sound like Pinky & Perky, they do dirty rock’n’roll with swagger, sweat and a touch of glammy burlesque. Titles like “Sin-O-Matic”, “She Likes Girls” and “She’s Slummin’It” tells you that it ain’t subtle, but in this genre you either kick it or not: The Teasers (patent leather) boot it halfway to hangover heaven. So much fun, it’s sticky.