Ex-Orange Juice guitarist comes out of retirement

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James Kirk – You Can Make It If You Boogie

Remember when you first heard Chris Bell’s I Am The Cosmos and realised it may have been Bell, not Alex Chilton, who was responsible for that early Big Star sound? More than any of Edwyn Collins’ solo albums, You Can Make It If You Boogie captures the soulful jangle?imagine the Velvets produced by Thom Bell?of Orange Juice’s debut album. Kirk’s last musical venture was in 1985 with Memphis, but the sunny sadness of “Get On Board” and tenderness of “Western Pier” will melt the years away. “Liggin’ Round Again” has the luscious urgency of “Felicity”, OJ’s debut single, which Kirk revisits here, encouragingly the only weak moment on a Lazarus job to rival the latest Dexys comeback.