Three-CD anthology of East End mystic John Wardle's 26-year career

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Jah Wobble – I Could Have Been A Contender

Condensing a musical life as wildly eclectic as Wobble’s is nigh on impossible. Inevitably, something’s got to give. In this case, 1994’s breathtaking Take Me To God gets short shrift (“Becoming More Like God” only), along with the mesmerising The Celtic Poets (’98). Best treated as an extended introduction, then?lighting the bass-bomb under Lydon’s PiL (“Poptones”), getting funked up with Can’s Holger Czukay (“How Much Are They?”), pioneering Arabesque dub-house (“Lam Tang Way Dub”) via Eno and Invaders Of The Heart, before settling into ambient deep space?this fine compilation should re-ignite interest in the Wobble back catalogue. It’s worth it.