Two CD'n'DVD best-of for the band Noel Gallagher once roadied for

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Inspiral Carpets – Cool As

They were an ’80s garage group from Oldham playing retro-’60s psychedelic pop. That they got mixed up with “Madchester” was purely on account of location and the funky beer-boy beat of 1989’s “Joe”. Unlike the Roses or the Mondays, the Inspirals shunned E-necking hedonism to make bold, beautiful pop 45s about PMT and death (“This Is How It Feels”). They also instigated Mark E Smith’s sole Top Of The Pops appearance for 94’s duet “I Want You”. For that they deserve a medal, but till then this best, rare and (dodgy) promos extravaganza is a fine tribute to the Madchester scene’s most consistent singles band.