Iggy live! Hey, stop throwing stuff!

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Iggy And The Stooges – Reissues

IGGY AND THE STOOGES – Metallic KO – Jungle – 4* R1976
IGGY POP – Where The Faces Shine – Volume 1 – Easy Action – 3*

Even by [b]Iggy Pop[/b]’s own extreme standards, the crowd at Detroit’s Michigan Palace on February 9, 1974 was a tough one. Throughout a brief, audience-baiting set, the singer dodges a hailstorm of glass bottles, eggs, ice and vegetables hurled by [b]The Scorpions[/b] motorcycle gang, some of which debris can be heard hitting strings and heads.

The sense of danger and mounting chaos are palpable, making this reissue (with original tape-speed error corrected) not so much a live album as a historical document, with guitars. Box set ‘Where The Faces Shine – which records six live shows in the USA, Spain and Italy between 1977-81 –~is less dramatically visceral, but it does represent the work of a number of remarkable bands on top touring form, many of whose personal recollections appear in the accompanying booklet.


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