Fog's Andrew Broder meets cLOUDDEAD's Jonathan Wolf

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Hymie’s Basement

Are Hymie’s Basement the post-hip hop version of Mancunian avant-pop duo My Computer? Then again, the thrashing and polytonal harmonising which begin “All Them Boys” brings to mind a slacker Proclaimers before the song suddenly decelerates into a wasteland of indistinct synth tones and solemn, stately piano. Thereafter we detour into funereal, piano-led fantasias like “Ghost Dream”. Most frightening is the neurotic dual chanting on “America One/America Too”; most moving is the careful, acoustic six-minute suicide note “Lightning Bolts And Man Hands”, as profound a wish to disappear as Smog’s “Prince Alone In The Studio”. The closing “You Die” could almost be Coldplay were it not for the drum machine hiccuping, throwing the song off balance. Another possible future for music, if you want it.