Electro duo Ariel Wizman and Nicolas Errera bring fun back to French avant-disco with help from Sparks

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Grand Popo – Football Club Shampoo Victims

This is an early contender for 2003 summer album. More or less halfway between Air and Daft Punk, Wizman and Errera provide us with glorious, single-length house anthems like the Moroder-sampling “Each Finger Has An Attitude” and “Men Are Not Nice Guys” as well as ingeniously arranged tunes like “Slap Bass” with its manic tubular bells and decelerating middle section. Ron and Russell Mael from Sparks drop by to lend a hand to two tracks: the touching “La Nuit Est La” (the techno ballad 10cc might have written) and the berserk “Yo Quiero M