B-sides and remixes from Damon Albarn’s great apes

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Gorillaz – D-sides

Testament to the astonishing fecundity of the project, [b]Gorillaz[/b]’ second round-up of offcuts, noodles and sketches still has an excellent strike rate.

Highlights? The War Child-commissioned “Hong Kong” (featuring some sublime Chinese zither), the hiphop [b]Ian Dury[/b] of “The Rockit” and the twinkly, blurry Icelandic protest ballad “Stop The Dams” (complete with typically oddball cameo from [b]Einar Sugarcube[/b]).

The additional disc of remixes – particularly [b]Jamie T[/b]’s “Kids With Guns” farrago – is less essential, but still includes a terrific “Chinese NY” take on “Dirty Harry”.