Near-concept album about US '80s new wave bop-pop from electroclash prime mover

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Felix Da Housecat – Devin Dazzle And The Neon Fever

Chicagoan teen prodigy Felix Stallings had been making house records for 15 years before 2001’s Kittenz And Thee Glitz, the best synth album since Dare!. The high-point of electroclash, Kittenz also established Da Housecat as non-pareil remixer, conferring Euro froideur upon all he touches. Devin Dazzle… comes with vocals from various chicks on speed called Neon Fever, originally intended to be a standalone girl group. It’s more like a compressed version of the American Top 20 circa 1984-6 than it is of 1981 UK clubland?the sort of herky, jerky new wave Molly Ringwald might have bopped to in The Breakfast Club. “Everyone Is Someone In LA” brings to mind Pat Benatar produced by DAF?or the DFA, whose James Murphy appears on “Rocket Ride”, crooning like Bowie had he stayed in Germany for Scary Monsters. “Nitelife Funworld”, “Romantique”, “Neon Human”… this Cali-trash disco almost describes itself.