Sheffield synth-bloke trio's debut album

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Fat Truckers

Wrongly lumped in with the electroclash brigade last year, Fat Truckers utilise quasi-Glitter Band beats with whirring synths and snarling Mark E Smith-style vocal barks. Old singles “Teenage Daughter” and the astonishing krautrock meets rockabilly surge of “Superbike” retain their blazing intensity. And “Roxy’s”, presumably named after the Sheffield night-spot owned by the infamous Barry Noble, is a marvel of tumbling arcade game analogues and pristine Kraftwerk syncopation. Unfortunately, the ideas do eventually run dry. “Anorexic Robot” and the A&R-baiting “I Love You Son” are slovenly punk-synth dirges. Still, with Add N To [X]’s future in doubt, they could fill a micro-gap in the market.