Thrilling mash-up of hip hop, dancehall and jungle from London rapper

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Fallacy – Blackmarket Boy

The Streets upped the stakes for British beats, but few have successfully followed in Skinner’s wake. After Audio Bullys, 24-year-old Brixton-bred Daniel “Fallacy” Fahey is probably the best bet. What sets his debut apart is the broadness of producer Fusion’s sonic references: “Big ‘N Bashy” is Brithop spiced with dancehall rhythms and ’60s girl-group samples, while “Square Beamer” kicks off like Art Of Noise before stripping down to little more than hand claps and garage bass. Over the top of these thrilling ‘Sarf Lahndan’ soundclashes Fallacy snarls soundbite raps with a ragga twist. These kids will try anything (“Ooh” is a shameless Neptunes rip-off, but it works), and it makes for a gripping listen.