Some may come and some may go, but Fairport go on forever

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Fairport Convention

First Sandy Denny, then Richard Thompson departed, and no one gave Fairport a prayer. Fronted by Simon Nicol and Dave Swarbrick, Angel Delight and Babbacombe Lee, both from 1971, surprisingly rejuvenated the group, the latter a concept album about “the man they couldn’t hang” that actually realised its ambitions. Nicol then jumped ship, leaving Fairport bereft of any founder member. Babbacombe Lee, while a critical success, sold poorly and, on Rosie, the surviving duo of Swarb and Dave Pegg went for an ill-advised contemporary approach. This despite recruiting distinguished friends and ex-members? Denny and Thompson included? as guests, a modus operandi that Fairport follow to this day.