Telex chap's 1977 Moog-driven disco mini album

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Electronic System – Disco Machine

Generally regarded as the poor man’s Kraftwerk, quirky Belgian trio Telex penned one memorable tune: 1979’s “Moskow Diskow”, a funkier “Trans-Europe Express”. Two years earlier, as Electronic System, Telex’s resident synth boffin Dan Lacksman produced this little-known space-disco curio that would’ve sounded ahead of its time had Giorgio Moroder not made the superior “I Feel Love” and “Now I Need You” for Donna Summer the same year. That said, propelled by tootling Moog basslines and sprinkled with laser whooshes, “Flight To Tokyo” and “Cosmos Trip” are undeniably charming. Above all, Disco Machine should provide perfect sample fodder for today’s lazier producers.