Plastic pop tarts' revival confirmed by box set

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Duran Duran – The Singles ’81-’85

Brum’s New Romantic boy wonders saw themselves as “Sex Pistols meet Chic”. The rest of us Old Realists would probably place them nearer A Flock Of Seagulls meet Leo Sayer, but nonetheless they’re currently enjoying a cred revival, cited as pretty gods by The Faint and Dandy Warhols. Their first ever box set packages up 13 hit singles, with B-sides, in?love this word?”pouchettes”. There’s the good (“Girls On Film”), the bad (“Union Of The Snake”) and the indifferent (“Save A Prayer”). Plus “A View To A Kill”, the lamest Bond theme ever till Sheryl Crow wheezed along. Still, that ol’bimbo called fashion’s saved them ’til the morning after.